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Laser Optics 101 – Lenses

The useful power of a laser comes down to power density.  The more power per unit of area (power density) you have, the more cutting power you have.   The beam that comes out of a laser has a rather large diameter.  It is much cheaper to increase power density by focusing the beam to a small […]

Creating A Laser Post Processor

Virtually all CAM systems allow you to target different CNC machines through the use of a Post Processors (post).  Post Processors tailor the ouptut to the target machine.  While most machines can handle G-Code, each machine has it’s own requirements.  Many Post Processors are so flexible that you can even get them to output HPLG, […]

Mach3 Laser Cutter Setup

Many DIY laser builders come from a CNC background.  They have built a CNC mill or router and gained the confidence to try a laser build.  They love Mach3 for the CNC, so they want to use it for their laser cutting.  There are some inherent problems, but in most cases it will work fine for laser […]