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Tangential Knife Cutters

In one of my favorite posts about the Sketch Chair software, there is a video demonstrating the software.  The presenter uses a little automated paper cutter to make a scale model of the chair.  I started investigating the paper cutter and found that they cost anywhere between $150-$250 for the size they used.  That was more […]

MachStdMill – A Taste of Mach4

I decided to give the MachStdMill Mach3 screen set a try.  This is the new look and feel that the yet to be released Mach4 will have.  They decided to make a version available for Mach3 to get some early feedback and to lower the learning curve when Mach4 is released. You need to upgrade […]

Android Mach3 Remote Control

My latest phone is an Android HTC Incredible.  I really love what I can do with it.  I have had it for about 6 weeks and have been dying to write a program for it.  It is programmed in Java and I know Java quite well, so I knew it would not be a big […]

3D Printing In Cement

I saw a link to this on the Mach3 Yahoo Forum a few days back and finally got a chance to write it up.  This also reminded me of a post I saw on hackaday using different technique. The first technique extrudes cement in a fluid state in layers.  The current results appear to be of mixed […]

Creating A Laser Post Processor

Virtually all CAM systems allow you to target different CNC machines through the use of a Post Processors (post).  Post Processors tailor the ouptut to the target machine.  While most machines can handle G-Code, each machine has it’s own requirements.  Many Post Processors are so flexible that you can even get them to output HPLG, […]

Mach3 Laser Cutter Setup

Many DIY laser builders come from a CNC background.  They have built a CNC mill or router and gained the confidence to try a laser build.  They love Mach3 for the CNC, so they want to use it for their laser cutting.  There are some inherent problems, but in most cases it will work fine for laser […]