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Phlatscript – Sketchup to G-code

This is a plugin for Google Sketchup that generates G-Code from 2D drawings from the folks at Phlatboyz.com.  It is very limited in what it can do, but many people will like the familiar interface of Sketchup. Below is a video of what it can do.  The code is open source and can be obtained […]

Arduino G-Code Stepper Controller

Reza Naima has been working on an Arduino G-Code Interpreter.  There have been a few other projects like the grbl projects and the rerap type machines have some g-code history to them.  Most of the project is being documented over at the rStep Google Group. It is nice to see more and more open source […]

The Age of the Self Replicating Machine.

There is a saying amongst DIY CNC router builders that goes something like this… “You only need to build your first router good enough to build you second one“.  In my case that turned out to be true. I built a wood, conduit and skate bearing Solsylva router.  I painstakingly layed out the various pieces using calipers, t-squares […]

D.I.Y. Selective Laser Sintering – Update

Update. Peter is still working on his SLS project.  He is experimenting with a new fully laser-cuttable x/y stage.  He is catching some flack for the ideas in some blog comment sections like hackaday.  Obviously there is some refinement needed for accuracy, backlash, etc, but I applaud his efforts.  I am sure some of his ideas will find […]

Open Hardware Summit

I call my laser an open source design.  What does that mean?  Right now it means whatever I want it too.  That is actually a bit of a pain because I am on my own own to define it.  The route I chose was to adapt an existing license.  Unfortunately there are hundreds, if you […]

D.I.Y. Selective Laser Sintering

There is a  great Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) project being blogged at ReRap Builders by Peter Jansen.  Sintering is basically fusing powder by heating it just under the melting point.  SLS is 3D printing using a laser to selectivly heat the material.  It is done like most 3d printing, a thin layer at a time.  The nice […]