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Part Kits

I have received a lot of requests for part kits. So, here they are. This is for the laser cut parts only. I am basically selling the parts for my expenses, plus a little wear and tear on my machings. Remember, this is open source, so you can get the parts elsewhere too.


Email me at Please don't use the forum to request kits.


Kit Description Price Image of parts Part Are Used To Make This
XY Mechanism Kit These are all the Acrylic parts you will need to build the X and Y axes. See this drawing to see all the parts. $35 XY Kit XY Snapshot
Z Lift Kit These are all the Acrylic parts you will need for the Z lift assembly. I will also include 4 tee nuts to insure they match the cuts for them. See this drawing to see all the parts. $35 Z Kit Z Lift snapshot
Tube Brackets These are made from HPDE. I will also include the nylon screws. You will need a least 2 kits. See this drawing to see the parts. $10 Tube Mount Kit  
Hardware Kits All of the hardware is off the shelf, but might be hard to find at a good price in small quantities. This kit contains all the nuts, bolts, screws, etc to build the laser. It also contains a few other items. Look at this page to see all the items included. Click on the image to see a larger view. $58 Tube Mount Kit  
Stepper Motor Kit

This contains the 3 motors you will need to build the laser. These motors are custom selected as best for this laser design. The X and Y motorss are 0.9 degree/step which allows high resolution and smooth movement. They are found on many higher quality commercial lasers, but hard to find for sale by themselves.


There are detailed drawings of them with specs. on the drawings page.

Bearing Kit

This contains all of the bearings you will need.

  • (Qty 9) V Groove Bearing
  • (Qty 14) 8 mm ID 22mm OD 7mm Thk bearing for z lift
  • (Qty 4) .25 ID .625 OD .190 Thk bearing for XY Mechanism
Z Carriage

The kit consists of (2) assembled Z carriages for the enhanced Z axis upgrade. This upgrade removes any wobble that might occur during Z movement. This is not nessesary for laser only mode. It contains all the acrylic parts plus 6 v bearings.

NEMA17 Motors These are 0.9deg step motors. See the full specs in drawing here $22.00  
V Groove Bearings See Drawing $7.00  
Other Stuff Not using my design? I may be willing to cut parts for you anyway. Send me an email with your drawings. quoted    


The Acrylic parts will be cut on my laser, router or both. Some laser parts may share edges and cut on the line to save cut time. Therefore the outer dimensions may be smaller by the beam width on these parts. I will only do this on parts who's outer dimension is not critical. My laser cuts faster and with less smoke with the backing paper removed. I may or may not cut this way. I will wrap the parts for shipping. The default color is black. If you want another color let me know and I will let you know the price impact.

I am going to try to run in batches if possible, so it may be up to a week before I cut the parts. The price does not include shipping.


Shipping: I prefer to ship using USPS fixed price shipping. This is basically about $5 for small stuff and $10.50 for larger stuff. Some of the acrylic kits will fit in the smaller box. Just about any combination of other stuff will fit in the larger boxes. I will let you know when you tell me what you want. I have shipped internationally and the price to most countries will be about $30-$55.



Send comments, suggestions, corrections to