2.x Open Source Laser Cutter Parts

The 2.x is an open source laser cutter/engraver design. It is designed to be built by an experienced DIY builder. All drawings and schematics are available. You are encouraged to build and fabricate it on your own. For those who cannot fabircate parts, I often sell kits. The kits are released in batches that sell out quickly. Watch this buildlog.net forum topic to see when new batches are released. There is no waiting list. I do not sell complete kits or assembled lasers. The end user must assemble and source a lot of the parts.


I have reduced the 2.x Laser parts to just the custom parts. These are the parts that are not avaialble from other sources like the sheet metal parts and custom machined plastic parts. You must source all the other parts on your own. See the Bill of Materials (BOM) and the Wiki for the other parts. If you have questions about these parts, please ask on the forum and do not email me directly. Many people can help answer these questions and new builders can benefit from the answers as well.


The cusom parts kit is available on my web store. Some of the other items like motors and pulleys are also available from time to time..


This is the contents of the custom parts kit. You can click on most of the items to view the drawing.


Part Number Description QTY
B14001-001 Z Table Lift Plate 4
B17005-001 Bearing Bracket, Z Lift 7
B17007 Limit Switch Bracket 1
B17008 2.x Y Axis Motor Bracket 1
B17011 Cover Stop 1
B17013 2.x Rear Mirror Plate 1
B17015 Cover Interlock Switch Plate 1
B17017 Z Motor Bracket 1
B17033 Electronic Module Gusset 2
B17035 Adjustable Idler Bracket 1
B17040 Limit Switch Bracket (Z+) 1
B17041 Idler Wheel Bracket 1
B17042 Pulley Bracket 2
B17043 Idler Wheel Bracket 2
B17044 Limit Switch Bracket (Z-) 1
B30044 Tube Bracket Assembly 2
C14002-001 Lens Carriage Plate 1
C14009 Electronic Module Back Plate 25D/USB 1
C30001-013 Gantry End Left 1
C30001-014 Gantry End Right 1




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