Part Kits

I have received a lot of requests for part kits. So, here they are. This is for the laser cut parts only. I am basically selling the parts for my expenses, plus a little wear and tear on my machines. Remember, this is open source, so you can get the parts elsewhere too.


Email me at Please don't use the forum to request kits.


Kit Description Price Image of parts Part Are Used To Make This
Mechanism Kit
These are all the Acrylic parts you will need to build the X and Y axes. See this drawing to see all the parts. $35 XY Kit XY Snapshot
Z Lift
These are all the Acrylic parts you will need for the Z lift assembly. I will also include 4 tee nuts to insure they match the cuts for them. See this drawing to see all the parts. $35 Z Kit Z Lift snapshot
These are made from HPDE. I will also include the nylon screws. You will need a least 2 kits. See this drawing to see the parts. $10 Tube Mount Kit  
All of the hardware is off the shelf, but might be hard to find at a good price in small quantities. This kit contains all the nuts, bolts, screws, etc to build the laser. It also contains a few other items. Look at this page to see all the items included. Click on the image to see a larger view. $58 Tube Mount Kit  
Motor Ki
This contains the 3 motors you will need to build the laser. These motors are custom selected as best for this laser design. The X and Y motorss are 0.9 degree/step which allows high resolution and smooth movement. They are found on many higher quality commercial lasers, but hard to find for sale by themselves.

There are detailed drawings of them with specs. on the drawings page.
This contains all of the bearings you will need.
  • (Qty 9) V Groove Bearing
  • (Qty 14) 8 mm ID 22mm OD 7mm Thk bearing for z lift
  • (Qty 4) .25 ID .625 OD .190 Thk bearing for XY Mechanism
The kit consists of (2) assembled Z carriages for the enhanced Z axis upgrade. This upgrade removes any wobble that might occur during Z movement. This is not nessesary for laser only mode. It contains all the acrylic parts plus 6 v bearings. $69  
These are 0.9deg step motors. See the full specs in drawing here $22.00  
V Groove
See Drawing $7.00  
Assist Air
This is an assist air nozzle that is designed to go over the basic Chinese nozzle sold by LightObject and others. It uses a standard barbed fitting (included) with a 1/8 NPT thread.

Limited quantity available in 2-4 weeks.
I can make custom power distribution assemblies. I have all the blocks, rail, separators, jumpers, end plates, wire, terminals and power entry connectors. Just tell me what you need and I will build it quoted  
Laser Interface PCB Wiring your own laser can be a messy job. This interface board cleans that up by making all the connections point to point and tieing all the common points together. It has 5V & 3.3V power on board for logic supplies and switch pull-ups. There is a user guide, drawing, schematc and even the gerber files on the drawings pages. $40  
This is a basic interface panel that includes an E-Stop button, a push button for manually firing the laser and a 5K pot with knob. There is a drawing here. It is not wired and does not include wire.

If you want to customize it, just send me a drawing.

This is a 25mA cuttent meter. It is a good range to 40w tubes which generally run in the 20mA range. Datasheet $16.50  
Tygon Tubing I have 1/4" I.D and 3/16" I.D. Tygon Tubing both are 1/16" wall. This is great tubing for liquid cooling and assist air. It has very high chemical resistance, is very flexible and resists kinking. 1/4" = $1.80/ft
3/16" = $1.50/ft
Cable 22awg Stranded 4 conductor Cable (Belden 8444). Perfect for extending the wires on NEMA 17 & 34 stepper motors. $0.80/foot  
Not using my design? I may be willing to cut parts for you anyway. Send me an email with your drawings. quoted    
  • Converts a standard PC to a fully featured, 6-axis CNC controller
  • Allows direct import of DXF, BMP, JPG, and HPGL files through LazyCam
  • Visual Gcode display
  • Generates Gcode via LazyCam or Wizards
  • Fully customizable interface
  • Customizable M-Codes and Macros using VBscript
$175 Note: This is fully supported license. You may find this cheaper on other sites, but Artsoft will not provide direct support to people who buy at a discounted price. You will receive the license via email as well as on a 4GB USB flash drive.

Purchasers also get a $20 discount on parts for the laser.

All parts are cut to order , so it may be up to a week before I cut the parts. The price does not include shipping.


Shipping: I prefer to ship using USPS fixed price shipping. This is basically about $5 for small stuff and $10.50 for larger stuff. Some of the acrylic kits will fit in the smaller box. Just about any combination of other stuff will fit in the larger boxes. I will let you know when you tell me what you want. I have shipped internationally and the price to most countries will be about $30-$55.


Affiliate Parts

The parts below are from suppiers I have setup an affiliation with. They pay me a small commision for sending customers to them. This does not affect the price to you. These are all suppliers that I have used and recommend. You will pay them and they will ship direct to you. This helps me pay the cost of running this web site.

If you sell something we might be interested and want to be listed here contact

G540 4 Axis Stepper Driver
The G540 is a complete 4-axis system which plugs directly into your computer via the parallel port and to your motors through DB9 connectors. It contains four of our G250 drives, our own breakout board and a hard anodized aluminum case.
G251 Stepper Driver
The G251 is one of Geckodrive's newest low-price, high-quality step motor drives. The G250 is produced using brand new techniques allowing it to be sold for very low prices in volume while maintaining excellent quality. This is in essence a miniaturized version of the G201 complete with a heatsink plate and 3.5mm 12 position connector.
KL- 4020 Microstepping Driver
KL- 4030 Microstepping Driver, Heat Sink is included, Features of this driver 1: Voltage 24 to 40VDC, current up to 3.0 A 
NEMA 17 BIPOLAR STEPPER MOTOR KL17H247-168-4B (1/4" dual shaft with a flat)
62 oz-in
1.8 Degree
Rated Current: 1.68A
Rated Voltage: 2.8Vdc
Resistance: 1.65 ohms
Inductance: 2.8 mH
24V/8.3A 110V/220V A: Stepper Motor Driver Power Supply Specifications:
High Efficiency, Low Temperature, Small Size.

Over Load and Short Circuit Protection.
Over Voltage Protection.
Input: 120VAC or 220V

CNC Breakout Board
Commerical DSP CO2 Laser Engraving/ Cutter Controller
DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Laser controller comes with a LCD control panel and support dump drive (no PC). The system supports CorelDraw (v12 or higher version) and AutoCad (2004 or higher version) in the way of 'What you see is what you'll get'.

CO2 Laser Tubes

Sealed CO2 Laser from 15W to 100W

Price based on power

CO2 Power Supply 35W -100w Models

  • Analog or PWM Control
  • Stable Ouput
  • 24 hr burn in test
Price based on power
40W Laser optics Kit  

Lenses, Mirrors and fixtures

Lens mount
Mirror mount


Safety Glasses

Many wavelength available

40w/60w Laser tubes:
These are the same high quality laser tubes used in our lasers. Manufacturer estimates MTBF as 1000-3000hrs (40w) 3000-9000hrs (60w). These laser tubes are checked by our ultra fast HgCdZnTe Photodetectors to ensure fast switching times. Tubes are warrantied against defects for 60 days (excludes damage from running without water cooling). Tubes ship from our warehouse Las Vegas, NV and are professionally packaged against breakage by UPS.
60W Tube

40W Tube

RetinaEngrave Cutting and Engraving Controller
RetinaEngrave USB is the best laser controller on the market today. Direct print drivers for Windows allows you to use your laser like any printer and makes using your laser fun instead of a chore. Direct print raster jobs, vector jobs and combined raster/vector jobs. Typical set up times are a matter of seconds saving you time and frustration instead of minutes or hours with competing products. We are so confident you will love RetinaEngrave USB that we offer 60 days unconditional satisifaction guarantee on RetinaEngrave (minus shipping/handling). Windows 7 computer recommended. We offer two packages with and without no motor drivers. Our motor driver package is plug and play. Give it 24volts and hook up the any pair of 4 wire stepper motor directly to the controller. Must use with a .9deg/step stepper with .080" MXL 20 tooth pulley (eg SPI A_6T16M020DF6005) for 1000steps/inch gearing.

See for more information.

RetinaEngrave USB Controller DIY Motor Drivers (no support):

RetinaEngrave USB Controller Motor Drivers w/ motor driver board (plug and play):
Turnkey Deluxe RetinaEngrave USB 40w Laser:
Building your own laser too much trouble? We are confident our lasers are excellent value and cheaper than you build your own when you add up all the same high quality parts like our high end lenses, cable carriers, harden steel rod guides, etc. Our 40w lasers have a 12"x16" material bed size and work right out of the box. Includes everything you need including RetinaEngrave USB controller with direct print drivers, exhaust fan, water pump, and air assist air compressor. Ships from our Las Vegas Warehouse. 30 day money back guarantee if you return it in like new condition (minus shipping and handling).

See for more information.

40W Turnkey laser:




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