I had some trouble getting a 40W laser tube. I had two arrived broken. I decided to document the unboxing (untubing actually) of the laser. I ordered from love-happyshopping through eBay. The order was placed late Sunday night 9/27/2009. It looks like it shipped on 9/29/2009 and arrived 10/2/2009 at my house. It was send via EMS (a division of the Chinese Post Office). It looks like it was delivered to my local post office for delivery to me. I was not home and had to pick it up the next day. I am very impressed with the shipment time...3 days Shanghai to me.

All drawing can be clicked for a full size picture.

Here is a snap shot of the EMS tracking page(which does not work with Google Chrome browser).




This is the shipping label


Shipping Label

Here is a picture of how it arrived.

Laser Tube as it arrived




Package Description

It was packaged in a PVC like tube. The tube was covered in a sheet of open cell foam about 1/2" thick. That was overwrapped in yellow plastic and a lot of tape. There were three pieces of about 1" thick, firm, closed cell foam on the ends. The first was a bigger diameter than the PVC tube. I think this is a good idea. Impacts to the end are transfered to the PVC tube. The sencond and third pieces are inside the PVC tube. They had little holes cut in the middle that worked as nice finger pulls to remove them. The laser was wrapped in bubble wrap it probably had about 15-20 layer. The bubble wrap was wader than the tube, so little foam bits were plugged into the ends.

Length: about 1 meter (39 inches)

Diameter: about 7.5 inches.

PVC Tube: 6" ID x 1/8" thick wall.







Good Tube


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