VXB to increase prices


VXB to increase prices

Postby toddho » Fri Jun 07, 2013 1:48 pm

Just received an email from VXB that they will soon be increasing there pricing. When and how much they did not say. Just an FYI.

So I looked at the BOM. If I use D30025 for the part number and do not choose single level, the BOM shows I need from VXB:
(6) R4ZZ
(7) 625ZZ

But the filtered shopping list for VXB shows:
(10) R4ZZ
(23) 625ZZ

I believe the shopping list so how am I reading the BOM wrong?

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Re: VXB to increase prices

Postby bdring » Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:18 pm

The BOM can be confusing, so believe the shopping list. The BOM is an indented "tree". You will see that (2) are used on a z lead screw, but there are multiple z lead screws. You need to multiply the quantity by the quantity of the parent assembly and so on, recursively all the way to the top. Welcome to manufacturing :D

BTW: About the last dozen kits sent and all future kits have all of the 1/4" ID bearings included. They are flange bearings pressed in now. I have not changed the BOM yet, because I did not want anyone caught between changes. The change was more for my productivity. It makes the mating plastic parts simpler. The holes used to secure the bearings are a PITA because it is only a plunge and causes plastic to creep up the bit. I also can remove the cbore operation.
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