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Postby dzach » Wed Jan 02, 2013 8:22 pm

Here are two animations from a program I wrote some time ago to automatically calculate and adjust Skeinforge parameters. They show how variation of layer thickness (T) and width/thickness (W/T) influence the shape of the extrudate and and speed. The snapshots where taken with flow fixed to maximum. To get this max flow, I have to set the nozzle temperature to 315°C; this is not the temperature in the melt chamber but the temperature that the thermistor reads. The thermistor is displaced abt 1.0mm from the wall of the melt chamber and therefore reads a different temperature than that of the molten plastic, due to the thermal conductivity of the barrel being less than ideal (i.e. infinite).

This one has W/T varying while keeping layer thickness (T) fixed. Notice the change in speed as the W/T changes and the flow is kept maximum.

Varying W/T while keeping layer thickness and flow fixed.

This one has layer thickness (height) varying while keeping W/T fixed. Notice the dramatic change in speed as the layer thickness decreases.

Varying layer thickness (T) while keeping W/T and flow fixed

The temperature is calculated automatically following the flow vs. temperature graph. Unfortunately, the graph shown in the animations is from an early test, showing no details in the area between 12.5 and 17 mm3/s of flow.

I have not put strict limits to the variation of these values, other than the absolute necessary, like height being smaller than die swell and extrudate being thicker than the nozzle diameter.
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