Intro from central Florida

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Intro from central Florida

Postby TheSniper » Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:06 am

Hello all,
I suppoze Im the newbie on the block. I wanted to say hello to all.
I have been cruzing the site for some time and figured it was time for me to join up and perhaps contribute.
A little about me. Im an teenager stuck in an old mans body. I cant stop taking things apart, Hacking them and then putting them back together.
I have a nice little work shop some 1200Sq feet of air-conditioned space. along with a MendelMax 1.5 3d Printer , a 100 Amp 24"x72" vacuum former, small Taig CnC mill , a 10" Atlas Lathe, along with a small wood shop band was etc...
Pretty much Im a DIY at heart. I could only be so lucky to live near some one like my self ... But am doomed to live in the middle of a society that only knows how to buy and throw away.
I suppose I should be happy as Im always their to capitalize on their trash being my treasure.

Goal build a 100 +/- Co2 Laser on a 48" x 36" gantry. (It'll have to wait till the mini 40W is done)

One of my current projects is get my feet wet with a cheap 40W Chinese laser. Which I do have. still new un-fired. I am resisting firing it as I intend on doing as much modding as I can. like
a laser spot pointer, Internal LeD Lights, Air assist, clear Door window, perhaps change out the electronics for an arduino based one.. Im ah Mac person and would like to end up with a machine thats
completely Mac Friendly. and from what I have read and seen 90% if not more are PC based. I know their are many Unix, Mac etc based. but it seems they all have their shortcomings too.

Anyways, Ill endeavor to give more than I take. Thanks to the MOD for allowing me to join.

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Re: Intro from central Florida

Postby sshwarts » Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:36 pm

Hi Sam welcome. There's a small but extremely helpful group of people here. I'm also in Florida (St. Pete area). Let me know if there''s anything I can do to help you.

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Re: Intro from central Florida

Postby TheSniper » Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:14 pm

@Scott, Wow a local / closer user!? this is awesome.
Thanks for the ack. & the gracious offer. Ive been trolling the laser sites for some time now and my plan keeps shifting.
all centered around building some sort of > 30w laser ultimately a higher power one.
I want to upgrade the heck out of this little unit. But Im torn between forcing myself to at least experience the
out of the box performance. Then I think Why? just do the upgrades. and get my move onto the bigger more powerful unit.
-Sam (Glad to have some one nearby :) )
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