a good jammering device potect us in travelling

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a good jammering device potect us in travelling

Postby Cheyenne Hubschmitt » Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:34 am

There are many GPS devices all around in our lives. All these GPS device help us a lot in many way, but they could put us in danger also. To protect us not to be tracked down by GPS device, we make a new and hight technology device, GPS jammer. It could keep us in safe by hiding our locations. What kind of jammers we need in our lives? We muse know a fact, there are many satellites in the sky, they watch on us 24 hours cintinuely. These satellites are very helpful in many ways, like aviation, spaceflight, navigation, resue, air flight and others. But the satellites could be also danger, especially the GPS system. GPS devices could track our positions all the time, which could be used by bad guys to spy on us. To keep us in safe, we need GPS jammer. Now we may have a question, how could a GPS jammer protect us? First, let's explain the working theory. GPS jammer could issue a singal in the same frequency of GPS signal, and this signal is stronger enough to jam and hide the GPS signal, thus disable the use of all GPS receiver in a certain area.
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