Laser Optics and Mounts for Sale

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Laser Optics and Mounts for Sale

Postby mikegrundvig » Sun May 26, 2013 11:13 pm

Hi all; I've got a few brand-new, never used optics and lens/mirror mounts for sale. They are all very nice and a lot higher quality than I expected but I've decided to go with a beam expander and much higher output laser so they are a touch undersized for my plans. I think (not positive) that they would all work great for a 2.x build but double check if you are interested in them for that purpose.

3 x 20mm Si Reflection Mirrors - $25 each
1 x 20mm high-quality ZeNe lens with 100mm focus - $45
2 x "Pro" 20mm mirror mounts (they are identical to ... -P589.aspx) - $30 each
1 x "Pro" 20mm lens + mirror mount (it is identical to ... -P587.aspx except it's 20mm for both the mirror and lens) - $60

You can get it all for $230 and I'll cover shipping anywhere in the US. Shipping international will just be whatever I get charged. I paid more than the listed prices for everything. I used LightObject as the baseline for these price and knocked a bit off each of em. The price of this stuff has come down a bit since I bought em so I'm taking more of a loss than I'd like but that's the breaks. I can take pictures if you want but ultimately it all looks just like all the other pictures of these parts online. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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