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PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2018 1:27 am
by lasertube
All laser tubes will be approved by CE and FDA.

We are a Canadian company, located in Toronto, Canada. Each laser tube will be tested again before sending out.

GX– 1200

Diameter: 55mm

Rated Power: 60W

Application: Rubber, organic glass, leather, wood etc.

Life Span: 4,500hours

Warranty period: 4 months

1 Stability: By using special equipment and import gas, the decomposition speed of the working gas has been effectively reduced so as to greatly prolong it’s working lifespan.

2 Good mode (base film more than 95%) and small beam spot(3-5mm)

3 High-power, for example, 60w laser tube can reach the maximum power that is 70w.

4In fact, Storing the laser tube for some time and testing the laser tube can reach the enough power. It proved that the laser tube is sealed very well.

New producing laser tube is easy to have problem, since it was just tested after storing short time. If some laser tube is not sealed very well, the laser tube leaks gas gradually. The laser tube power will be decreased gradually. People could not found this problem even they test it before sending out.

5 Customer Support: If you have any questions about our product, please contact us by Email or Skype. My email address:, We will give you the reply within 24 hours.

6 Business: We would like to establish long business relationship with you, our company put the product quality as the first place.

7.Shipping: We will send a new one freely if the tube is Broken during Transit. Please check the laser tube as soon as you receive it.