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automation direct elctronics

Postby aargelio » Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:17 am

-Productivity3000 PAC
-CLICK Micro Brick PLC
-DL05 Micro PLC
-DL06 Expandable Micro PLC
-DL105 Micro PLC
-DL205 Micro Modular PLC
-DL305 Modular PLC
-DL405 Modular PLC

PAC/PLC Web Sites

PAC/PLC Products
-Terminator I/O
-ZIPLink PLC Wiring System

Operator Interface

-C-more Operator Interfaces
-C-more Micro-Graphic Panels
-Optimate Text Panels
-LookoutDirect HMI / SCADA
-DirectView 1000
-Industrial LCD Monitors
Web Sites:
PC-Based Software
-KEPDirect OPC Ethernet Server
-Data Logging & Monitoring
-Think & Do PC Control

Drives & Motion

-GS & Durapulse AC Drives
-Hitachi AC Drives
-AC Motor Soft Starters
-SureStep Stepper Systems
-SureServo Servo Systems
Web Sites:

Motors / Gearboxes

-IronHorse General Purpose AC
-Marathon Inverter Duty AC
-IronHorse General Purpose DC
-Motor Controls & Contactors
-IronHorse Gearboxes
Web Sites:
Panel Building Products

-NEMA Electrical Enclosures
-Pushbuttons & Switches
-Indicator Lights
-Terminal Blocks
-Multi-Port Junction Blocks
-Panel Interface Connectors
-Wire & Wiring Solutions
-Wiring & Hole Cutting Tools
-Flexible Electrical Tubing
-Wire Duct
-Flexible Service Cord

Power Products

-Molded Case Circuit Breakers
-Supplementary Protectors
-Non-fused Disconnects
-Fusible Disconnects
-Edison Fuses
-Power Distribution Blocks
-Rhino™ DC Power Supplies
-Power Transformers
-Powerline Filters

Sensors, Encoders
-Capacitive Proximity Sensors
-Inductive Proximity Sensors
-Photoelectric Sensors
-Fiber Optic Sensors
-Ultrasonic Sensors
-Pressure Sensors
-Temperature Sensors
-Current Sensors
-Limit Switches

-Fiber Optic Connectivity
-USB Connectivity

Relays & Timers

-Electro-Mechanical Relays
-Solid State Relays
-Relay Sockets, MOVs
and Diodes
-Motor Control Relays

Process / Fluid Power
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