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Re: UK Suppliers thread

PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 9:19 pm
by iGull
Hi Dave
Go to any model/hobby shop and ask for the tubing used for wicking thin cyano adhesive - pacer/zap/bob smith brands all do them.
Failing that, RS/Farnell do it - around 0.89mm - you'll need to buy 5 metres tho :-)

Re: UK Suppliers thread

PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 1:42 pm
by Zebethyal
Some of the suppliers I have used so far for my Buildlog 2.x Laser build.

Not all are actually in the UK, but all are the cheapest I have found so far once P&P/duty has been included.

20x20mm, 20x40mm extrusion and brackets Motedis - even cheaper than KJN, work out a cutting list that uses 6m lengths to maximise savings, they will cut it and include the offcut for the price of the 6m length.

T nuts M4 or M5 for 20x20mm extrusion Robotdigg based in China but still the cheapest by far. ($7.50 for 100pcs) need to specify M5 in follow up email or you will end up with M4 ;)

Screws, bolts, nuts, washers, studding/all thread, etc Orbital Fasteners free next day delivery for orders over £20.00 + VAT within van area (greater london, OX, RG, GU, KT, etc post codes), outside these areas free next day delivery on orders over £50.00 + VAT or £7.95 if below.

GT2 Pulleys and belts Robotdigg (as above) I used 1524mm/762 tooth GT2 belt for Z height adjustment ($2.40), 202mm/101 tooth GT2 belt for Z speed reducer ($0.50), 10 x 20 tooth GT2 pulleys 6.35mm bore $1.85 each, they also sell MXL belts and pulleys.

Makerslide Amber Spy Glass when in stock ;) not really too many other choices for this in the UK.

Gantry plates Blomker Industries $49.00 + $29.00 shipping

V wheels, eccentric spacers and 1/4" spacers OpenBuilds be careful with the overall weight to avoid excessive shipping costs, 10 x V wheels, 3 x eccentric spacers and 6 x 1/4" aluminium spacers $22.20 + $9.45 P&P.

625 Bearings - ebay seller warm-tech from China £1.70 for 10pcs with free P&P.

1000mm of 10x10mm drag chain ebay seller lintashop from China £4.08 each + 2.08 P&P (I bought 2 of these).

1000mm of 15x10mm drag chain ebay seller quanshop2014 from China £4.25 + free P&P.

Currently looking at ebay seller plasticsourceltd for Dibond £39.99 + £17.50 P&P for 1220x2440x3mm sheet in white + free cutting for up to 15 panels.

Re: UK Suppliers thread

PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 4:16 pm
by rsm5178
Just an FYI that I also ship to the UK for the gantry plates.

My kits include the z axis plates and the floating pem nuts installed (PEMS themselves are a buck a piece my cost!)

PM me if you need anything or have a question.


Re: UK Suppliers thread

PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 7:27 pm
by Zebethyal
That is also good to know for any other UK builders.

Personally, I wanted to use M6 studding/all thread for an all metric build as 1/4" SAE is less common over here - others will be more than happy to stick with the stock items and not have to worry about changing any other parts even though 1/4" at 6.25mm is practically the same diameter as M6 (but a totally different thread pitch).

I printed my other Z axis parts on my 3D printer and used 606 bearings instead of the R4 SAE bearings in the BOM, not something everyone will be able to do, so again they will be grateful to those who can supply ready made parts straight from the BOM.

I cut my own Z axis plates from a 150x150mm sheet of 2mm aluminium that cost me £2.00 and then used 19" rack mount steel cage nuts in place of the floating PEM nuts - M6 PEM nuts are almost as rare as rocking horse poop :)

I made 5 Z axis plates, since the plate was 150mm square and I made the plates 30mm wide, it was just as easy to make 5 as to make 4.

Total cost to me was £0.61 for the 5 plates (I have hundreds of cage nuts from installing servers in racks, so these were free), and took me about an hour and a half in the garage.

Re: UK Suppliers thread

PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 6:31 pm
by fastenere
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