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Time for another CNC toy

PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2012 2:03 am
by Radishworks
This is my first post. I've been lurking around for the last couple of weeks. I'm very impressed by Bart's designs and this support group. Last year I built a MechMate ( CNC machine and I love it - see pic below. Here's is a video of my MM in action here:
Finished MechMate

I've always wanted a laser CNC machine too. I stumbled on and I'm hooked on building CNC machine #2. Lots of 2.X parts ordered and I've been using the MechMate to cut 2.X parts. Here's the first batch of parts off the MechMate.
MechMate Cut Laser Parts

Today I picked up the Alu(type)Panel material from a local sign maker. He asked why I had a CNC machine, my answer - "to make a laser CNC cutter" :D.

Happy building and thanks to Bart and everyone else here!