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Re: 3D printer & CNC design

PostPosted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:14 pm
by Techgraphix
What about moving the head with a corexy configuration? This can easily be done by two Nema23 2-3nM motors, which should be sufficient to move a small spindlemotor.
Most 3D-controllers can handle Core-xy.
Advantage of this CORE-XY is that the dirving motors are all static, (only the feeder for the filament is moving, if you use direct feed)
Lifting the table can also be done with one Nema23 motor, driving one or two Linear spindles.
Mine is able to lift about 60kilograms without problems. For 3D-printing a bit (a lot) overdone, but for milling almost the minimum.
What do you want to use to controll both 3D-printing and milling? something like Mach3?