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Control Software for 3d Printer

Postby naPS » Mon Jun 06, 2011 8:02 am

I've been building a Prusa, and I've got the mechanical portion working pretty much perfectly. All the Axis move great, the extruder and heated bed function wonderfully, but I'm having some major issues with the software. I'm currently running some flavor of a Windows 7 64bit OS on most of my systems. I've got a set of RAMPS electronics that seem to work very very well.

The challenge I'm having is the software. I've tried several different revisions of firmware, and several of the different host programs, from Repsnapper, to RepRapHost, to ReplicatorG, with the 'best' results coming so far from ReplicatorG.

Problem is, each one of the software packages either has some issue with Windows 7 64 bit, or has to have some weird adaptation to support the RAMPS electronics.

What package of electronics and control software are folks using here? I'd like to know if anyone has successfully deployed something on a Win7 64 bit system. I believe Bart used a RepRap Motherboard v1.2 to control the original Buillogbot.

I wish Repsnapper would get updated for Windows, the last build makes what appears to be decent G-code, runs the extruder well, and has all the bells and whistles in relation to the RAMPS, but when it actually goes to print the G-code, it just goes berserko. Seems to be a common problem with it as well.
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Re: Control Software for 3d Printer

Postby BenJackson » Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:58 pm

I use the Klimentkip firmware and drive it with ReplicatorG. I did a lot of work to make ReplicatorG stable for reprap-style firmwares. My "24.5" binaries are at . I submitted my patches to the makerbot folks but when combined with other stuff they did for release 25 the result is still broken unfortunately.

My desktop is Win7 64-bit so it should work fine.
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Re: Control Software for 3d Printer

Postby ChristianaMus » Sat Sep 17, 2011 8:26 pm

@Benjackson I also use the same Klimentkip firmware and drive it with ReplicatorG. Its really a good one!
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