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DSP and 4 Axis Arduino Shield

PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2012 10:37 pm
by baz
Unfortunately this post is going to be a bit hasty, I will update it and add more detail/pics tomorrow when I have some more time.

Back ground info; I have just received the LO DSP for my laser. I have a ShapeOko controlled by the TB6560 driver board and Mach3. I have a stepper shield (ejs’ version). I have 8 pololu drivers (not all for this project!)

I need to figure out a way for my DSP to drive the steppers, preferably without buying any more kit. My initial idea was to get an arduino prototype screw shield, sit the driver shield (with accompanying polou’s) on top and have the dsp control the pololu’s directly through the screw interface of the shield (no arduino present). I then saw this, it refers to a Schmitt trigger. (I don’t even know what a Schmitt trigger is :o )
So to get to my question, would my idea be possible? Or would I need a custom board like the 4 axis driver? Or could I add some parts onto some perf board to go alongside my driver shield?
Or…is this whole idea any good all together :?:

Thanks in advance, will add some pics and more info soon.