HW limit switches issue - EDIT

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HW limit switches issue - EDIT

Postby neuman5022 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 6:11 am

Hi guys,

At last after almost 2 years I am back onto my laser machine 2.0

Got the X7 DSP from Lightobject - managed to move all 3 axis and tweak speeds and such.

One issue I cannot solve by myself is the HW limit switches option on the Manufacturer parameters page. There is an option to tick the HW limit - but whatever I do, the tick is gone every time I do the "read" button. I know by now I need to "read" first, then tick the option, then press "save" then enter the password and then press the "reset" button to load the change to the controller.
However - the elusive tick is gone and my limit switches don't work.

Funny thing is - the UP and LEFT limit switches work OK when Homing - but other then that - the switches don't work.

I checked continuity and it is fine - and checked I wired the switches to the correct ports.

Any ideas ?

Many thanks


EDIT - I have been told by he LightObject team - that in some cases when setting the machine via a USB - some functions seem to be not detected. The remedy is to initiate the controller panel settings by pressing the SHIFT+STOP - this triggers the settings menu in which these functions will be working however not seen on the USB PC settings.
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Re: HW limit switches issue - EDIT

Postby Techgraphix » Sat Jan 06, 2018 5:56 pm

Correct! If i had seen this post earlier i would have suggest the setup on the controller itself, entering with the SHIFT-STOP buttons on the display.
Another thing: when your homingsensors work fine, you do'n need any limitswitch at all. Just define the limits in the software and it will stop there without a problem.
Also it will detect if your work is out of space, including acceleration/decelleration-distance while engraving..

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