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Postby dave3d » Wed Oct 09, 2013 7:14 pm

Things have progressed quite a bit with my build. I have completed a few successful prints now but there are still some problems to sort out with the printer.

I got frustrated with the delays so I replaced both the Arduino and Ramps boards after problems with the heater bed control. I have also abandoned the QU-BD extruder. After carefully drilling out the barrel and doing the PTFE mod, the wall thickness was very thin making it fragile. It got bent when it crashed into the bed. I machined another from scratch but it jammed as well. Wasted so much time on it. Life is too short.

I now have a Greggs Wade extruder and a Jhead from hotends.com. It is an s-m5bv Jhead. It is very well engineered.
The extruder works well and is easy to adjust. I have a 0.4mm nozzle with 1.75mm filament. I have done a few PLA prints at 210 deg C and 70 deg C bed. Bit stringy and need cleaning up, otherwise OK

The problem is the delay due to ordering parts. Being in the UK I have to order things from around the world. You guys in the States are lucky. I bought the original OrdBot kit from the US and also the QU-BD. I bought the J Head from the US. The Wade extruder bits came from Holland and I have ordered more bits from Finland, China and even the UK. All over the place.

I want to build Barts spool holder but Misumi in Europe won't supply to individuals so just set up my own company so I can order bits! It is not easy, it an uphill battle all the time.

I have been trying various settings in Marlin and Slic3r. Must have read a couple of hundred posts on here. Great forum. Very helpful advice. I have also been doing some mods to take out play in the belts. Circles were not very good. Working fine now.

I need to sort out the y axis end stops next. They work but the stop hits the limit switch body due to the inertia movement of the bed. I intend to fit optical switches.
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