Loading software on RAMPS1.4+LCD

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Loading software on RAMPS1.4+LCD

Postby jb92563 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 3:32 pm

I'm still awaiting the arrival of the Hadron Hardware from ATI and thought in the mean time i'd load the RAMPS1.4+LCD software.

REPRAPDISCOUNT Ramps1.4 +LCD + MK2a heat bed etc.

I'm using Arduino 023 to do the install but the download from the RAMPS1.4 Wikki has Marlin.ino in the files and the Arduino software would not open it.

I renamed the Marlin.ino to Marlin.pde and was able to open it with all the reference files.

I uploaded the software which seemed to go fine and was hoping to see something on the LCD, but it only had the alarm going off an
nothing else on the display.

I'm thinking this is because the board is not wired to anything yet, since my hardware has not arrived yet.

Is this what other folks are finding or have I configured something wrong?

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Re: Loading software on RAMPS1.4+LCD

Postby cvoinescu » Tue Nov 12, 2013 3:48 pm

You need the thermistors connected, or the alarm will go off. You may be able to disable that feature with a M command (check the docs) and then clear the alarm. You should also be able to tell Marlin you have no thermistors at all, at least until you wire them: set the relevant pins to (-1).
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