Flashing Display on LCD ORD Bot

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Flashing Display on LCD ORD Bot

Postby Darthmaul » Wed Jan 01, 2014 2:23 am

Hello, I'm new to this, so try and be patient. Any help would be appreciated. I originally bough an Automation Technologies kit and assembled it up to the point where I have the mechanical components motors installed. Basically at the point where I could test the motion on the X,Y,Z Axis. In fact I did this after a fashion, with the original firmware that came with the board. However, in looking around, and seeing some videos on Youtube, I realized that the software that was installed on the unit, didn't match what I was seeing. I couldn't use the encoder to select a setup menu, and while the LCD was working it didn't present the same standard menu's that I saw on others machines. Note that while I couldn't home, it looked like all the axis worked as the machine would cycle from x,y and z, and then repeat.

So I downloaded the official software, checked out the config.h file to the best of my limited knowledge and then uploaded to the controller. What happens now, is that the LCD flashes on and off and the piezo sounder runs continuously. Note that this may be due to the fact that I never hooked up a thermistor, and the original software didn't check this, while the new software does? Any ideas would be gratefully accepted. Meanwhile, I'll try hooking up the thermistor.
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