Replacement threaded rods?

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Replacement threaded rods?

Postby SerinJ » Sun Feb 01, 2015 4:06 am


Looking to replace the horribly bent and wobbly rods that RRD sent along and then refused to replace. The kit has the ALU Z lift blocks as opposed to the delrin.
My problem is that I don't posses the means to cut my down rods...

Thus I've found this: ... -Leadscrew
Plus this:

Is this a logical solution?

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Re: Replacement threaded rods?

Postby ianjohnson » Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:00 pm

I hope they are a good replacement, I ordered a set. I had a bent rod as well, so I bought a set of trapezoidal lead screws from RRD on Adrian's recommendation. They aren't for sale on the site, but you might still be able to buy some if you ask. Lately my Z has been inaccurate, with moves falling in a range of .04mm sometimes more, sometimes less than the target distance. I've ruled out every cause I can think of, eliminated wobble, checked the wheels for roundness, measured flex of the gantry with an indicator etc. It seems to come down to the screw or the nut so I'm going to give those Acme rods a try.
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