Finally a video of my laser positioning system

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Finally a video of my laser positioning system

Postby buildsomething » Tue Jan 19, 2010 5:37 am

I finally got a video of my positioning system working. As you can see the laser, mirrors and focusing lens have not been installed yet. To the right you can see the saddles where the tube will be mounted. I haven't designed the covers as of yet.

This beast is built like the proverbial brick out house and speed was not an issue since I don't plan to do any engraving with this machine. Maybe the next one I design and build, I'll take into account the inertial loads, but for the time being, this is good enough for me.

60W CO2 laser
Homebrew stepper motor power supply and controls
The X axis is driven by 1 stepper with 2 drive belts. One drive belt has been removed while I was working on the mirrors.
Looks like I might only need 1, but only time will tell once I start taking some measurement.
Max cutting area is 15" x 48"

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