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Postby yydoctt » Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:25 pm

I was hoping you'd say about 1k, that's fantastic. Yeah ill certainly give it a couple of weeks researching and then I think I'll make the 3 axis setup. Then order the expensive laser components a couple of months down the line.
I'm hoping you can give me advice along the way? I'll do my best to give a detailed log if I decide to make one..

The foreseeable issues that may arise is your use of inches and the vast bill of materials that I have to hunt down in the UK. Other then that its just following your drawings..... I wish...
Luckily the project can be split into two quite easily. Build everything, then add a laser (+ lots of electricals), meaning I can learn as I go, spend money as I make it and take my time...

Thanks for your speedy responses.
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