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Re: ceramic build platform

Postby SystemsGuy » Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:51 am

Thanks gyrogearloose - at the moment, I'm really not having any problems with PLA on my borosilicate glass at about 50-60c stealing some of my wifeys hairspray, and using ABS I stick with tried and true Kapton tape at ~110c We are just wrapping up a Delta build, and I'd initially run into problems sourcing both a round borosilicate panel and a decent priced round heatbed, so started looking for alternatives.

It looks like both the glass and the heatbead or now sorted, so the pressure is off, but the idea of ceramic or something with more thermal density appeals to me - as the temperature has dropped, my ABS prints have started to crack - gonna have to enclose the build area, I think...

gyrogearloose wrote:Ornicus, If it works for you, that is great. In my last post I said that you can print PLA on the coating while it is still tacky to obviate the need for heating, meaning you turn the short period in which the paint stays tacky to your advantage. Also, note that ordinary clear enamel spray is freely available everywhere and will cost you less than half of what you are using.

Thanks Orcinus - that's definitely different from the stuff I've got - I'll have to give it a try along with the clear enamel.

orcinus wrote:@SystemsGuy - this one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hellermann-Plas ... B000YIW7GS

Dries instantly and isn't tacky. Stuff sticks to it rather well when it's 40 degrees and above. You need to cool it to scrape the objects off, though, or you inevitably end up damaging the printed object.
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Re: ceramic build platform

Postby gyrogearloose » Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:57 am

Systemsguy, let me know the size, and I can quote one for you. Since the bed does not move on the printer you are designing, I would go for the 8mm thick ceramic.
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