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Question about support structure

Postby tmccafferty » Fri Apr 05, 2013 5:05 pm

I'm just beginning to do some parts that require support. However, for some of the parts, I want support in some areas and not in others.I see you can enter a parameter for overhang threshold to assist in this. However, for some parts, that's not applicable. For these kind of prints, do you normally just model the support in with the part or are there other tools to help with this?
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Re: Question about support structure

Postby origamimavin » Sat Apr 06, 2013 6:45 am

i think software might be able to play a factor in this, but i think for the most part if you want strong control, you need to model it in with the part. i haven't spent much time doing this, but i know there are tricks you can use to make it print quickly, remove easily, etc. you can model it as thin support, shape it properly, or have it start out smaller and gradually get bigger to support what you need to to improve build, and then leave a small gap or a thin feature for where it comes in contact with the part to break off easily. i pretty much use Cura 13.03 for my prints, which works pretty well, and gives the options of no support, externally only, or all over. externally means the support is coming off the bed, everywhere means it will add support on the part itself if something is hanging over it. i think NetFabb might have some more options as to what you can do with support, but i don't think that's free.
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