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Re: Vectors on a rotary

Postby Greolt » Sat Aug 29, 2015 9:40 am

This is an old topic on the forum. Just wanted to update.

The issue of "Rotate Engrave" function found under "Advance Functions" now works as it should. On "Engrave", "Cut" and "Run Box" Previously it only worked on "Engrave"

I have now got the AWC708 controller rather than the older AWC608 which I had when this issue was raised.

So it may be that this was fixed in the new 708 controller. But I suspect it has been fixed on both controllers via firmware. I have no way to confirm that as I no longer have the 608.

The reason I did not realise that this was fixed, or WHEN it was fixed is that I have always just used the work around as described in earlier posts when doing rotary jobs.

That is to alter the step um value for Y axis to suit job diameter.

Anyway I am glad it now works as it always should have done. Thanks whoever fixed it.
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