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Chinese Laser Cut - Communication Issue

Postby LarryBoyd » Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:22 pm


I bought a Chinese laser cutting machine on Ebay for my school. I managed to use it several weeks. Unfortunately, surprisingly enough, I got some troubles since last Monday: I do not manage to control the machine with the provided software (RDCAM/Laserwork) anymore. I get the message: "Communication error".I think the problem is linked to the USB connection. Before, when I connected the machine to my computer, windows recognised the machine. Now, when I connect the machine via USB, I got: “USB device not recognised”. It means that I do not have the driver on my computer but I do…I tried everything: I changed the USB cable, tried with another xp computer, tried with a windows 7 computer, re-installed the software and the USB driver one hundred times. I also reset the machine, on the machine itself, to the factory settings. It was a big mistake because, now, the XY home is totally wrong and the machine bangs on the side during the initialisation and X Y are reversed (when I press X left on the machine, the laser goes right on X; same for Y…). It is very bad because now I cannot use my machine even with a USB stick !
Two questions:
- How can I solve the problem of communication between the computer and the machine?
The CD provided with the machine for the softwares is very strange. Maybe, this could be the issue…. Where can I find clean softwares/drivers for my machine ?
- How can I reset the XY home for the initialisation (is it the origin?) ? How can I reverse X Y control ? Ideally, I would like to do it on the machine itself as I cannot control it with the computer ?

Please help.

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