New rotary

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New rotary

Postby Techgraphix » Fri Aug 31, 2018 1:24 pm

While the Bart-Dring rotary is not available anymore, i had to design a rotary based on Bart's design as i wanted a "friction-type"-rotary that is fully adjustable and made of parts that can easily be found in Europe (metric-sizes) or ordered on Ebay.
The size of the rubber-drivewheel is calculated so that i don't have to change settings when i switch over from Y to rotary (e.i. 35,3mm diameter)
The spring is to prevent the object from "walking" in the X-direction..

I made the motor-plate from Aluminium as the motor that i used is connected to a driver that delivers a minimum current of 2A.. (i could have bought a smaller driver, but i had this one spare) I suspected some heat from the motor, so this is for cooling the motor.
The white stuff is all POM.



Home-made Aluminum knobs:

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