A recent build of a "Universe Cycle" got me thinking about building a human power Segway or "Legway". Below is a picture of the "Universe Cycle". There is a complete write up on it at Instructables.Com.


Universe Cycle


Introduction - I noticed that the Universe Cycle had a bit of a Steampunk look to it, so I decided do do my first full up steampunk design on the Legway.


I could use any advise or comments on this project. Post them on the Universe Cycle comments thread or email me direct .. bdring@buildlog.net


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I forgot to check out a license of Pro/E over the weekend so the design is starting in AutoCAD. Increased the wheel diameter to 16" and the pedal offset to 9" across. I will probably use plywood again for the wheels and put t-moulding on them. I played around with a heavy gear concept. I would like to get some brass in here...maybe the rivets.

Wheel Concept



I Spent some time working on the handle. I had a basic design I thought I would try cutting out. It is cut from a 3/4' thick red oak board board. I plan on rounding the edges. I am thinking about wrapping the grip area with leather lacing. The center will be a sunken speedometer/odometer type dial with a big pointer and roman numeral type numbers. I will dark stain the wood and may put some brass details around the dial. I cut a window for the dial out of plexiglas. It is set in place in the image below. It is a perfect fit, so I might not get it out if I push it in all the way. There is my start of something to go behind the plexi. I want to add and odo and more.


Cutting Handlebar HandlebarDial Plate



I radiused all the edges on the handle with a 1/4 round router bit. I also added a pocket to the back to accept the handlebar mount bracket. I tried cutting a brass inlay piece for the dial. My homemade CNC router did a pretty good job. The piece of brass I had was not quite tall enough, so there are little flats on the top and bottom. I also stained a blank piece of plywood for one of the wheels.


Back Pocket on HandlebarHandlebar and gage part



I worked on the design of the pedals. The Universe Cycle pedals were very squeaky and not very smooth spinning. I found some scrap thin sheet of teflon. I plan to roll it into a tube shape and sandwich it between two pedal half. It will then screw together. I also stained the handle piece and procured bought some copper pipe and fittings for the handle post. I added some more to the dial graphic. I may print it on metallic brass paper.

CAD Pedals Dial Rev 2



Cut one set of pedal halves. I cut them out of 3/4 oak using my CNC router. I used a 1/4 diameter end mill bit for the rough cut and cutout and a 1/8 dia. ball end mill for the final cut. The groove for the shaft has a 1" diameter center area where the teflon will go and narrows to 7/8" diameter at the ends to keep the teflon captured in the middle. I finished staining and varnishing the handle and one wheel blank.

Cutting rough Pass Pedal Exploded ViewStained Parts



I cut out one of the wheels. The prefinished plywood blank was masked with Avery Paint Mask p/n A-1828-S before cutting. The router then cleanly cuts through the mask. What is left is the only cuts exposed and the remaining finished material protected. This allows other colors to be applied via spray paint. I used to use regular masking tape, but learned of this material at the Vectric Support Forum. The next step is to figure out how to cut the slot for the t-moulding. I am going to see if I can attach the blade from my biscuit cutter to my router. I know you can buy special t-moulding bits, but I don't want to spend the money if a simple solution is available. It is snowing again and the shop is very cold. This may affect my progress for a while.

Masked and Ready to Cut Freshly Cut Wheel



I welded the pipe pieces for the pedals. They need to be cleaned up. I may powder coat them to give them a better look. I am still trying to figure out how to slot the wheels for the t-moulding. The molding I have calls for a 1/16 slot. The biscuit cutter idea won't work because it has a 5/16 kerf. I may borrow a slitting saw.



I made an awsome fixture for the slitting saw. I bolted some roller blade bearings to a piece of particle board. I then clamped the board to my vintage shopsmith. The bearings set the depth of the slot and allowed the wheel to rotate freely. Sometimes making the fixture is half the fun. I also painted the wheel black. The mask is still on so I can just spray the whole thing.

fixture front fixture backwheel painted


Finished one wheel. I pounded in the t-moulding and removed the mask material. I am pretty happy. It is about as steampunk a piece plywood is ever going to be. I stained another blank so that can be cut soon. I also cut out another pedal.

Wheel Done


Cut out the last of the pedal parts and painted them. Finished varnishing the wheel blank. Added some leather laces to the handle. Designed the bearing block that will connect the handle post to the pedal shafts.

pedal and lacing



Cut and painted the other wheel. Welded the pipe parts for the pedal shafts. Made the bearing where the post to the handle attaches to the pipes. I made it out of UHMWPE plastic. I had it left over from a table saw fixtuew I made. It is a perfect bearing material. I also made the bracket that attaches the handle post to the handle.

pipes shaft bearinghandle boss



It is done...Yea. I will probably mod it in the future, but it is done for now. I posted the basic build steps at Instructables. click on the images for larger views

Done! Front view Handle Done Ride it



Software Used So Far

Pro/Engineer - 3D Solid Modeling

AutoCAD LT - 2D Drafting

Vectric Aspire 2.0 - CAM Software

Mach 3 - CAM Controller

Corel Draw 10.0 - Graphics